Can Home Insulation Company's Sung Fit be installed over existing insulation?

Our Cellulose System is ideally suited to providing additional R-value over existing insulation, as it completely fills voids and gaps open by other forms of insulation. It also can be installed in existing uninsulated exterior walls through various methods.

What is R-Value?
  • R-value is the Standard for measuring a material’s insulating power. The higher the R-value, the better the material insulates. Snug Fit has a higher R-value per inch than other insulating materials, according to the US Department of Energy.
  • The R-value Rule: R-value means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. To get the marked R-value, it is essential that this insulation be installed properly. Refer to our comparison page for more information.
  • R-value is one factor that affects the energy efficiency of a home. Studies of actual buildings show that Snug Fit insulated buildings use as much as 26% less energy than similar buildings insulated with other insulations at the same R-value. One reason for this is the ability of Snug Fit to control air infiltration.
What are the sound control benefits of Sung Fit Insulation?
  • Snug Fit has the ability to fill gaps and voids thus creating a quieter home by reducing noise transmission.
  • Snug Fit is approved as an enhanced sound control material for homes located in airport fight paths.
  • Snug Fit suppresses sound transmission because the density is two to three times greater than other insulation products, completely filling any cavity into which it is properly installed.
Is Snug Fit safe for the environment?
  • Snug Fit consists of 85% recycled paper fiber, at least 80% recovered, post-consumer paper content.
  • Snug Fit is not manufactured with any formaldehyde, asbestos, mineral fiber or fiberglass.
  • Newsprint is one of the largest single components of the residential waste stream. Insulating a typical 1,500 sq. ft ranch-style home with Snug Fit productively recycles as much newsprint as an individual will consume in 40 years. This is based on data from the National Solid Waste Management Association.
  • Snug Fit is produced in electrically driven mills, requiring less energy to produce. Other types of insulation are produced in furnaces that use natural gas and release greenhouse gases.



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  • Denise R., Merrill, WI

    My parents are VERY pleased with the insulation job. My mother said she had to take a blanket off the bed and the floors are warm. They also liked your crew Brian & Ralph.