Snug Fit Insulation

Snug Fit Insulation is the fastest growing insulation product in new construction. Snug Fit is installed using high tech equipment allowing our professional team of installers to have precise control of flow rates and moisture levels allowing a perfect, seamless blanket every time.

Snug Fit Insulation flows into cavities and around pipes and wires to completely fill walls and seal every crack and seam. In new construction projects, each stud cavity receives a custom fit blanket of air-stopping insulation that performs 30% more effectively than conventional fiberglass batts.

In both new and existing homes, a smooth, seamless blanket reduces air-infiltration and provides superior thermal performance.

Snug Fit insulates your home from outside noise while providing superior thermal performance against harsh Wisconsin winters.

Talk about "sound system," these unique fibers interlock to reduce noise around bathrooms, laundry rooms, anywhere quiet is desired.

Snug Fit doesn't contain ingredients that could be considered a carcinogen or cause skin or eye irritation.