Insulation Comparison

“All insulation is created equal.” Whoever said that was off-his-rocker. Snug Fit insulation from Home Insulation Company has no equal. First of all, Snug Fit is Cellulose insulation, as opposed to the more common, less efficient type of insulation which is Fiberglass. Cellulose is like driving a Porsche; Fiberglass like pedaling a tricycle – perhaps that’s a bit much, but you catch our drift, or draft if you use Fiberglass. Check-out these graphs and you can see the difference.

Insulation R-Value

Where does the R-value in fiberglass go? The R-value is based upon specific lab test claims by the manufacturers. Oak Ridge National Laboratory testing has determined the following: R-19 labeled fiberglass batts have an R-17.4 rating prior to installation. R-19 fiberglass batts have an R-17 rating when perfectly installed with a precision fit. R-19 fiberglass batts have an R-value of 13.7 in a typical installation. See the graphs below:

Energy Loss from Fiberglass Insulation